marzo 21, 2010

'The Angel Blues', short story, in 'A Brush of Wings' anthology.

Hello, beloved readers and fellow authors,

I warmly invite you to stop by the Dreamspinner Press Blog to take part in the virtual launch party for the A Brush of Wings anthology. I have published a short excerpt from my featured short story, The Angel Blues, as well as a brief commentary regarding my personal view of angelic beings, that you may find here: Dreamspinner Press Blog - The Angel Blues, by Cornelia Grey.

The anthology includes short stories by 15 authors; the theme is that of angelic creatures, celestial beings, and how they may influence the lives of men.

The anthology is officially available for purchase here; you may also find the blurbs of the individual stories, clicking on the 'read an excerpt' link.

The Angel Blues is a story whose characters have to come to terms with the disruption of their routine; a seasoned cop, struggling with the demands of his job and doubting of his sanity, an irriverent angel conflicted between the detachment required by his position and the emotions he can't seem to keep in check. All accompanied by the soft, humming background of an old blues tune...

You can find an excerpt of my short story here.

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