marzo 20, 2010

Welcome, everyone ♥.

Cornelia Grey: I'm a student, halfway through my creative writing degree (with a penchant for fine arts and the blues). Born and raised in the hills of Northern Italy, where I collected my share of poetry and narrative prizes, I'm now based in London - and I'm thoroughly enjoying the cultural melting pot that is the City.

When writing, I favour curious, surreal poems and short stories involving handsome young men seducing each other. This blog is dedicated to my male/male fiction; most of it includes erotic scenes. If we share this interest, I warmly invite you to have a look around - I hope you will find something you like.

My days are full and hectic: I read, go to flea markets, galleries, and the theater, and of course spend most of my time writing. When I'm at home, I like to curl up with a book and the classic cup of tea, and I leave hazelnuts in the garden for the squirrel that comes around from time to time.

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