agosto 02, 2010

Making Contact release + story excerpt!

Hello, beloved readers and fellow authors,

I'm happy to announce that Dreamspinner Press' new M/M sci-fi anthology, Making Contact, has been released today! The anthology includes 10 stories, and they all seem so yummy I can't wait to read them. You can have a look at the stories' blurbs here: Making Contact anthology.

The anthology is officially available for purchase both as EBook and paperback on Dreamspinner Website and on Amazon.

My contribution to this collection is the story Ganymede's Honor. Federal Coloned Ardeth Connor has been rescued from death, but he’s not sure his new life is any better: he’s effectively trapped aboard a rebel ship that defies the Federation to collect ice meteors, stealing life-sustaining water for the poorest of planets and asteroids.

Biding his time until he can escape, Ardeth must juggle himself between the hostile (and very, very large!) Olle, the friendly Filmore and his clockwork parrot, and of course the witty and way too attractive Captain Gabriel. When things go abruptly to hell, however, Ardeth is the one who must make an irrevocable choice between his old life and... the life of everyone else.

You can read an excerpt of the story HERE!