ottobre 06, 2010

London Autumn

So... it seems I'm not that good at the whole blogging thing :).

On sunday I flew back to London. It's always hard to leave home: every time I deeply, truly don't want to. But my mother, my grandma and my boyfriend are wonderful and always supportive. They listen to me as I routinely panic about being so far away, about whether I'll find a job, whether I'll manage to write anything decent for uni; they remind me all my talents seem to kick in as soon as I'm here, that when I throw myself in deep waters I always magically remember how to swim. Most of all, they remind me of how proud they are of what I'm doing, and that they will be waiting for me when I come back.

It's especially difficult to leave my boyfriend behind. Every time I leave it's another goodbye, and it seems to get more painful every time. We manage to see each other at least every two months, and I spend the whole four months of summer holidays at home. He's always been incredibly supportive, even when I myself wasn't sure of whether I'd be able to carry on living abroad. I try not to think too much about the future. I don't know where I'll be living, where I'll find a job, I'm not even sure where I'd like to live and work. I like to think we'll make it through, and I try not to obsess about things too much. I'll see what happens :).
Anyway, the first days of uni were great. I always feel much more productive when I'm in London. I moved in the new flat, and I'm loving the housemates. I am left wondering, how exactly did I manage to accumulate so much stuff here in London? Of course, 0.50 £ books at charity shops are the kind of temptation I can't quite resist...

On the publishing front! I've been rather lazy this summer, as I tend to do when I'm at home. My short story Emet was accepted for a Sherlock Holmes anthology over at Circlet Press. I was so very thrilled when I found their call for submissions. M/m, Sherlock Holmes, and steampunk - three of my favourite subjects all packed in a story! I simply couldn't resist. I did struggle a bit with the word limit - I'm realizing that I'm not really cut for short stories. 12'000 words already seems a little short to me - 7000 was a miniature nightmare! For some reason, the novella lenght is the one in which my stories seem to naturally fall. What about you, dear authors? Do you have a story lenght you feel more comfortable with?

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