dicembre 23, 2010

December rolling by again... :)

My, my... over two months since the last update! Must work on my blogging skills. Let me apologise with this lovely screencap of Jared Leto as Hephaistion. [You may have noticed how I have a slight obsession with long-haired men. And Hephaistion... le sigh.]

This past year has been the most exhausting and most rewarding I've had in a long time. In January I submitted my first short story to Dreamspinner press, and since then I've had two published, another contracted and on the way and contracted and finished all editing on my first novella. In a few days I should also hear about the fate of another short story I submitted, and I'm working on a feature article I gotta hand in in January.

I know this isn't much compared to the amount of writing some of you wonderful people get done in a year, but I can't help but feel very satisfied. Until January I had never strung together more than 2000 words in English. I still feel way too bogged down by my lack of confidence in the language, but I think I've learnt a lot in the past months. I've now finished my second year of university in London, scoring a bunch of As, and although I'm exhausted I've absolutely loved it - I've had some amazing tutors, and they've taught me a lot. Next semester I'll start working on my final project [when I found out it's supposed to be only 10'000 words I almost popped a vein - one of the things I've discovered is that anything shorter than 20'000 is hell for me!] but I have agreed on an evil plan with the tutor I chose to work with. I'll try to use the final year to work on a novel, then hand in the first 10'000 words and a synopsys of the rest. I have never tackled such a lenght, and I am really skeptical about whether I know the language well enough to pull it off. I think having a tutor keeping an eye on the thing will help.

Anyway! I thought I'd be completely worn out by now, and instead I've had a pleasant surprise. November was madness, between all uni assignments, 15'000 words deadline and multiple rounds of revisions, and I spent the first weeks of december reading like crazy to catch up with all the material I'll need for my final essays. On thursday I flew home in Italy [just in time to avoid the snow mayhem!] and - since then, my brain has been literally fizzing with ideas. No less that three short stories, all sorts of subplots to flesh out my kitsune & samurai wip, a prequel to the novella which isn't even out yet, a sequel to the novella and a sequel to the sequel! In the past week I've jotted down pages and pages of notes - the plots are unfolding on their own, they write themselves in my head even as I doze. Now I just need to pick one [but which one?], avoid relatives and go to town on it. Man, that feels good :). I wish I had the same sort of state of grace for all the essays due in January... :)

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and a full and satisfying new year :)!