marzo 14, 2011

The Mercenary draft winner + reviews

Hello, beloved readers / authors!

As promised, it's time to announce the winner of the free copy of The Mercenary. I have asked for the collaboration of one of my handsome Colombian flatmates, who picked up from the orange cereal bowl...

Csi Librarian, who commented on my Blogpost entry saying: I would want to be a mad scientist-librarian with a mechanical/clockwork army of mice. Or scarab beetles. They could spy for me and hunt for books in the wastelands.

Dear Librarian, I'll send your copy as soon as I finish typing this entry. And I'll thank the handsome Colombian for you ;)
A warm thank you to everyone who entered ♥!

In other news, I've received my first reviews for The Mercenary, and I'm very happy with them.

The very first one I received (I couldn't have asked for anything better :) is a lovely 5 stars review by Mary on Goodreads:
(...)I truly loved Gabriel; this is a young man who can take care of himself...and Asher exceedingly well. He is an adrenaline junkie, a capable fighter, and someone who does what he needs to in order to save his people. He has an explosive chemistry w/Asher; their sex scenes are scorching (insert nosebleed here), and their relationship-while not defined, felt that it had the beginnings of something more.(...)

Then I found this lovely one from Elisa:
(...) What I probably liked the most is that, even if the starting point is quite violent and the two men start their relationship from the sex, the story and the relationship soon move towards the romance; true, they are still involved in dangerous situations, and they still need to fight, but even if the sex is still good, it’s somehow softened by the love that is clearly blossoming between the two.

And finally (I am being spoiled!) a brilliant 4 stars review by Bembo:
(...)A quite short story, set in this desolate, lawless and violent future world, in a very different society, is a touching love story, a love between two very different souls, the mercenary and the rebel.

What can I say? I am very very happy. But, despite the appearances!, I am managing not to spend my time hanging around Goodreads like a vulture waiting for new reviews ;) I finished recently a short story that I submitted to Dreamspinner Press (that one came out, as we say in Italian, as smooth as oil - it just poured onto the page by itself. Why don't they do it more often, I wonder?).

So now, happily ignoring my homework for university, I went back to happily typing The Stray, which is The Mercenary's prequel, for Samhain Publishing. It will be another novella and I'm just past the 24'500 mark. I reckon I might be able to keep it under 30'000 if I keep myself in check... I seem to like long things (stories, people! Stories! What were you thinking?) ;).

Thank you again to all who entered the draft, and I look forward to hear your comments if you decide to read The Mercenary anyway ♥.

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