aprile 10, 2011

Random London + Mercenary Reviews

London has been most pleasantly warm and sunny in the past few days. What a wonderful surprise! Apart from providing me with the perfect excuse to buy a new pretty summer dress (I have all summer clothes back home in Italy... never really got a chance to use them here!)... the sunshine was perfect for some exploration and gallery-going. I especially loved Gabriel Orozco's exhibition at the Tate Modern - the piéce de resistance is Black Kites, a human skull with painstakingly drawn graphite lozenges.

In the Turbine Hall there is still Ai Weiwei's Sunflower Seeds installation, 100 millions hand-crafted porcelain sunflower seeds. Weiwei has been arrested by the Chinese police because of his political activism, and his whereabouts remain unknown. As I was there, a group of protesters were walking across the endless span of seeds placing rows and rows of printouts requesting he be freed. Among them there was a little girl, about 3 years old. An old Chinese man was handing her leaflets and she was carefully placing them down one beside the other.

I studied fine arts for 5 years in Italy and another year here in London, and I have to say... sometimes I really miss it. This weekend an artist friend came to visit me from Wales, and we've visited several galleries. It was great. ♥

Protester laying in the sunflower seeds from the Guardian.

On more frivolous matters... I got another couple of warm-and-fuzzy-feeling-inducing reviews for The Mercenary.

5 stars from Yzola Kitchi on Amazon:
Overall a clever, funny and beautifully written story. Would love to read more about these characters and their world!

4 stars from SMK on Amazon:
This was a short, fast-paced read with a setting and characters that were impressively fleshed out.

4 stars from Natasha on Goodreads:
I wasn't ready for it to end.

And that is all. Peace and pandas handing out pink candyfloss. ♥

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