luglio 08, 2011

Guest post + complimentary mancandy :)

Hello, everyone :)

Today the lovely and talented Sue Brown is having me at her blog for an interview - how I started writing, sources of inspiration, the elements that make a great erotic romance for me, and more :)


How did you get started writing?
Well! I remember that when I was little, I must have been around 5, I used to watch quite a lot of TV. My favourites at the time were the Power Rangers series, and some Japanese anime about people stranded on a desert island with giant robots. And I was re-watching on a loop Disney’s ‘The Rescuers Down Under’. Now, the only problem was that the stories were going nowhere near the way I wanted them to. I was very unhappy. So my dad provided me a small blue checked spiral notebook (I remember it with strange clarity!) and I set out to write my own adventures, in wobbly capital letters. Looking at it now, it was a giant crossover fanfiction with the Power Rangers ending up on the island and the Rescuers thrown in for good measure. I think the spiral block might still be somewhere in my attic.
And that’s just how it continued. The world isn’t giving me the stories I want to read, so I write them myself...

Click here for the rest of the interview. Hope you'll pop by and say hello :).

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