luglio 18, 2011

Guest post @ Gabriella Hewitt!

Hello, everyone :)!

Popping by to say that the lovely Gabriella Hewitt is having me at her blog today! I'm blogging about the much dreaded writer's block, and my personal methods to try and overcome it - The Piranha, The Stuffed Turkey, The Birdwatcher... (I promise they're not as creepy as the names might suggest ;)!


Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’re sitting in front of your laptop. A stark white Microsoft Word page is giving you the evil eye. You try to stare it down but it doesn’t seem to work. You swim round and round in your head like a fish stuck in a muddy puddle – to no avail. There’s not a scrap of inspiration to be found, and it feels like your brain will refuse to provide ideas for quite possibly the rest of your natural life.

Congratulations: you’ve directly reached Writer’s Block, without passing GO and without collecting $200...

Read the rest of the post :).

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