agosto 17, 2011

Cross Bones release + excerpt!

Hello, everyone :)!

With a couple of days of delay - blame a long weekend of friends' gigs and way too much delicious food :) - I finally join in the celebrations for the release of Dreamspinner Press' pirate-themed anthology, Cross Bones!

• Captain Merric by Rebecca Cohen
• Rough Trade by Cooper West
• Touched by the West Wind by Ellen Holiday
• The Winds of Change by Maggie Lee
• My Hand in Yours by Emily Moreton
• Ghost of Jupiter by Jana Denardo
• The Golden Galleon by K.R. Foster
• Objectivity by K.J. Johnson
• Worth the Price by Cornelia Grey
• Peter and the Lost Boys by Juan Kenobi
• Officer and a Gentleman Pirate by E.S. Douglas
• On the Wings of Lir by Riley Shane
• From a Simmer to a Burn by B. Snow
• Irish Red by MJ O'Shea
• Black John by Piper Vaughn

Here's the blurb for my story:

Worth the Price

Lieutenant Edward Moon has been chasing the infamous Captain O'Shea for longer than he can remember. When he falls into the pirate's hands, however, things take a turn he'd never imagined. Edward finds himself torn between his duty and a dangerous loyalty to O'Shea. When the captain faces the gallows, Edward must take the hardest decision of his life - but will it be worth the price?

I always had a thing for pirates, so I can't wait to read all the other stories. Here's an excerpt from Worth the Price, all about the sizzling tension between Edward and O'Shea...

“So,” Edward rasped, trying to catch his breath. “What are you going to do with me? Murder me? Hang me from the mizzen and celebrate?” (click to read the excerpt!)

Here's the link to the DSP page to check out the other blurbs :) here.

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