settembre 28, 2011

Sicily and new contracts!

Hello, everyone!

I hope you're all doing great. I'm enjoying the last warm september afternoons before I fly back to London to start university next week. I'm a sucker for warm - and the thing is, the area of Italy where I live isn't all that warm even if I'm just half an hour from the seaside. In the winter, the river freezes for two months and the snow easily gets one meter deep and the roads leading to all the little hamlets get blocked. In the summer, we might get a blazing hot august, but in the evening the temperature drops and we still have to wear long sleeves. Basically, the whole time I'm in London, I walk around wrapped in cardigans and scarves and I keep picturing the moment when I'll be able to just stand in the sunshine in a sundress and feel nothing but the sun's warmth roasting my shoulders.

So anyway, June and July were grey and windy, which was really odd, but we're having a September with very warm afternoons. And I'm soaking it all up, preparing myself for the long winter!

I went to Sicily for a week, in a little seaside town surrounded by amazing archaeological wonders, where a friend lives. A little present me and my boyfriend got ourselves for our sixth anniversary. It was just so amazingly warm. And the water was the most transparent, glimmering sea I've ever seen. And the food, oh, don't get me started on the food, all the savoury shellfish...

Saint Nicola's island, a few miles off Licata's coast.

In other news, I signed two new contracts this summer, which is very exciting. They're both with Storm Moon Press, which is a joy to work with! One is for a short story, Bounty Hunter, which will be published in their Weight of a Gun anthology coming out in December. And the other is for a novella, The Ronin and the Fox, a paranormal romance set in Feudal Japan, which had been in the works since August 2010. They'll be respectively my last 2011 release and my first 2012 one :).