ottobre 23, 2011

interviews @ BookWenches and Romance Lives Forever

Hello, everyone :)

How are you all? I hope things are great. Me, I'm on week 4 of my final semester at uni, and panic hasn't quite kicked in... not yet! I've started working on a translation project, which is awesome. While in Italy, I came across so many books with sloppy translation mistakes, and it never fails to make me angry; the translator has a big responsibility to the story he or she is working on, a responsibility to do right by the author. If the translation is sloppy, it's the author who's going to lose readers and sales. Me, I love words, I love stories, and translating gives me a way to show that love, taking care of that story to make sure it comes out on the other side in the best possible way.

In other news, I have another couple of interviews out, thanks to Storm Moon Press' October blog tour. Here's an excerpt from the one on the awesome Book Wenches blog:

Many authors have told me that they don’t just want to write, they need to write. Would you say this is true for you?

I usually do. Writing is my favorite way of thinking ‘out loud’, so to speak – it helps me put things into focus and find the crux of the matter. And whenever something’s wrong, whenever I have a big decision to make… I write. Sometimes I write to myself. It’s always been my chosen way to understand and cope with the world.

Story-wise, I sometimes can’t write fast enough to jot down all the ideas tumbling around in my head. And sometimes, it feels like all the ideas are pushing together to come out and they end up clogging the way, so I spend a few days sternly refusing to write… and circling around the notebook like a shark. Other times, I don’t even want to write, because the story looks so shiny and pretty in my head and I’m not quite sure it will come out as good on the page. But the truth is, I actually can’t function very well if I’m not writing. I feel a little lost, like I’m not quite sure about what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. So, yes, I guess I’m one of those authors who need to write!

Read the rest of the interview HERE.

And here's a snippet from one at the great Romance Lives Forever blog:

Q: Where do you start when writing? Research, plotting, outline, or...?
I usually start with research. It's one of the best sources of inspiration – every little detail discovered can set off a whole set of ideas, be it a moment, a scene or a whole subplot. After I've jotted down all the interesting details, chunks of dialogue, and scene ideas, then I work on the storyline. For me, that's the most important phase. First I pinpoint four big points – the inciting incident, the moment when things go wrong and everything's about to go to hell, the big climax, and the end. Then I fill in the events in between, and I end up with a storyline where every scene is marked. Of course this is flexible, and I usually end up modifying the outline as I work, but I like having a list of scenes when I start writing. I work on one scene at a time, breaking the story down in smaller bites, and it helps me take one step at a time and not freak out trying to work on the whole thing at once. Then, once all the little bits are in place, I read the whole thing a couple of times and make sure it's cohesive, that I didn't miss any loose threads and that the tone/narrative voice is consistent.

Read the rest of the interview HERE.

Thank you all for stopping by :)!

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