marzo 04, 2012

Guest post: kitsune as tricksters

Hello, everyone :)!
How are you doing? Today is a grey, rainy day in London, so I'm lazying in bed - the advantages of working from home! This is my first post-university month, and it will be a full one. In 12 days I should be done with the novel translation I'm currently working on, and in a week or so I should finish my current WIP. You know, I've never published anything longer than 35k words so far, and this is going to be my first novel-length manuscript. Exciting - and let's consider that when I plotted it out, it was intended to be a novella... :)

In other news, I was over at JoyfullyJay's blog, writing about kitsune, the Japanese fox spirits, and their role as tricksters. One of the protagonists of my latest release, The Ronin and the Fox, is a kitsune - I've always found them very fascinating, and it was great to have the opportunity to talk about them :)!

Here's an excerpt from the post:

Some kitsune are tied to the god Inari and messengers or guardians of his shrines: these are celestial foxes, called myobu. Those who don’t serve Inari and live independently are called nogitsune, wild foxes. Kitsune are pranksters, rather than malicious; they are thieves and often live in abandoned homes. They respond kindly to favours, and can bring prosperity to a man who is generous with them. Sometimes, rich, isolated families were accused of owning foxes, which were the reason of the family’s prosperity. This accusation was often enough to ruin families, and there are cases in which a daimyo ordered the removal or relocation of a family accused of fox-owning.

They can also be very sensual spirits – often they take the shape of beautiful women and seduce men. Sex with a kitsune is more pleasurable than most mortals can handle, and often a man ensnared in loving a kitsure is consumed by his passion and wastes away. It was commonly said that ‘every beautiful woman met after dark could be a fox,’and men should be wary.

So, what kind of trickster is Katsura, the fox protagonist of my novella, The Ronin and the Fox?...

You can read the rest of the post HERE.

You can grab a copy on Storm Moon Press' website!

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