ottobre 15, 2012

Pick the first book Cornelia will write in 2013!

Hello, dear friends!

2012 was a memorable, super-busy year for me. (I know technically it's not over yet - but, for me, it's already fully booked ;) ). There were some great things going on. I handed in my thesis for university; graduated; had internships in all sorts of great places; moved in with my boyfriend (when I'm in Italy, at least!); had my whole family come visit me in the UK for the wonderful graduation ceremony. There were also very sad things. And these last two months will be intense too: I have to hand in a Phd proposal which will pretty much determine the next 4 years of my life!

So, this year, I had to put writing on the backburner. But I kept accumulating ideas nonetheless - and now I have a pile of plots, and I just need to pick which one I'll start with. So, dear friends, I thought I'd ask for your input with this poll. Which of the stories listed below would you like to read first?

Pop to my livejournal for the blurbs of the five possible stories and the poll!

Blurb and Poll: this way!

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