gennaio 04, 2013

Guest post + Giveaway!

Hello, everyone, and happy new year! I hope you enjoyed your holidays and are now ready to tackle an awesome 2013 :)

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Characters’ Goals: Climbing the Social Ladder?

(...) Of course, however, one can’t live as an adventurer forever; I understand that characters eventually need to settle down, because a life of adventure can only lead, eventually, to a violent death. But I don’t think I like this idea that climbing the social ladder must be the ultimate, most desirable goal for a character. I don’t like the idea that being a scruffy, down-to-earth character with dirty hands is undesirable, that a poor, modest life has to be negative.

Personally, I identify a lot more in character arcs pertaining, for example, to the Hobbits. After the adventure and the danger, they don’t evolve into posh-Hobbits: they don’t repudiate their simple life. They go back to it, a little wiser, a little wearier, and at the same time a lot stronger, and appreciate it even more after what they’ve been through, because they’ve seen how precious it is.

So, how does that reflect on my stories and my characters?

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