settembre 30, 2013

Devil at the Crossroads contest winners!

Hello, everyone!


So, the blog tour for Devil at the Crossroads is over - thank you so much to everyone who hosted me on their blog, everyone who read and commented!

I'm glad to announce the winners of the Devil at the Crossroads contest, who will receive an ebook of their choice from my backlist.

 Congratulations to... Melanie and Joanna!

I'm immediately off to email the lucky winners!

Much love, Cornelia xx

settembre 24, 2013

First reviews for Devil at the Crossroads!

What a wonderful surprise! Devil at the Crossroads has been out for just one day and there's already two lovely 4 stars reviews for it - so excited! I gotta share a couple of snippets... :)


Boys in Our Books:

 I feel like I must put a disclaimer that I LOVE Cornelia Grey’s stories. I think she is underrated and I would love to see her getting more popularity. So there might be biases when it comes to her stories. Having said that, I truly think this one is another winner. (...)

Cue some really SENSUALLY HOT and CAPTIVATING scenes of Logan and Farfarello; which drove me to the edge of excruciating need to fan myself. This was one of Ms. Grey’s strengths … she had a wonderful way in creating sensual scenes that were really hot without being too erotic. And I was simply in awe with that.

The Fictionators: 

Devil At The Crossroads was a great, fun read, and I enjoyed it much more than I expected to. Short stories are always hard; you’re often left with wanting more, but in this case, it was perfect. If you want something to read to pass a short bit of time, definitely give this one a go. The writing is sharp, the characters are compelling, and the chemistry is hot! You definitely won’t be wasting your time spending it with Logan and Farfarello. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself liking the Devil, he’s something else!...

settembre 23, 2013

Cup o' Porn guest post: Sympathy for the Devil

Hello, everyone :)!
Today I'm over at Cup o' Porn talking about devils in mythology and folklore, and how I re-interpreted the devil trope in my new novella, Devil at the Crossroads!  

In the literary tradition, devils are commonly portrayed as evil. Devils such as Mephistopheles, in the story of Doctor Faust, find great pleasure in destroying a man or, even better, driving a man to destroy himself with his own hands. It’s almost as if Mephistopheles perceives that Faust is already damned, or on his way to damnation at the very least, and all the devil has to do is give a little push to help him realise his potential. 

My perception was always slightly different: ‘my’ devils are more ridiculous than frightening. Like every Italian, I grew up with copies of Dante’s Divine Comedy at home and studied it at school, so my imagination is forever influenced by his descriptions and by Gustave Doré’s beautiful engravings. One of the things that tickled my imagination the most was Dante’s portrayals of the lesser devils, the bizarre, mischievous creatures that inhabit the different levels of Hell. I was always particularly fond of the Malebranche gang, the “evil claws” that inhabit the crevasses of the Malebolge, in the eight circle of Hell. 

 For instance, there is their leader Malacoda (evil tail); Barbariccia (curly beard) who famously farts like a trumpet; Cagnazzo (bad dog) with his animal snout; Rubicante, whose task is to cut up the souls of the damned; Alichino, who will eventually evolve into the much more famous Arlecchino (Harlequin)…

Read the rest of the post here!

Devil at the Crossroads Blog Tour

Hello, everyone! I have great news - my paranormal novella Devil at the Crossroads is officially out :) And today the blog tour officially begins!


Join author Cornelia Grey for a tour filled with the paranormal, a sexy red-eyed devil, and the blues. Follow along all week for exclusive excerpts of her new title Devil at the Crossroads, plus interviews, guest posts, and, of course, a special giveaway!
Stops for this tour: 
September 23, 2013 - Cup O' Porn  
 September 24, 2013 - Babes in Boyland  
September 24, 2013 - The Fictionators - Spotlight Stop  
September 25, 2013 - Words of Wisdom From The Scarf Princess  
September 26, 2013 - Pants Off Reviews  
September 27, 2013 - Fiction Vixen  
September 27, 2013 - Sid Love

settembre 12, 2013

Author Interview: Top 2 Bottom Reviews

Hello, everyone!
I'm back from an impromptu vacation break at a friend's place, in Spain, and I can proudly say I now have a hint of tan and am no longer mozzarella white... :)! And I'd like to add here as well the link to an interview of mine at Top 2 Bottom reviews... ♥

When it comes to plotting, do you write freely or plan everything in advance?

I’m definitely a plot person. I didn’t always use to be, but now, I firmly believe that a solid, balanced structure is the backbone of a good story. I like to sketch down the plot diagram, with the tension growing and growing until it peaks in the climax, and then set out to put in place the key elements: the inciting incident, the turning points, the escalation of disaster, and the final explosive resolution. The first couple of days are devoted to working on the plot to make sure it’s airtight, that every step is logical and the escalation is as urgent as possible – I don’t want any lagging tension!

After that, I like to figure out what the scenes will be and in what order. If I can’t fit them all on a timeline, then I make little cards I can shuffle around as I please. I have rough summaries of what’s going to happen in each scene – this is also the stage where the rough character ideas get fleshed out and I get a clearer sense of who they are.

And that’s when I finally start writing, picking up from whatever scene strikes my fancy and usually working bouncing back and forth – very rarely in chronological order. In fact, usually the very opening scene is the last thing I write! It’s a lot of pressure having to get the hook right to instantly suck the reader into the story, and I don’t want to get stuck on that halfway through the work. :)

Read the rest of the interview HERE!