febbraio 05, 2014

January Report

So, this year I've decided to keep public lists of my monthly goals, and review them at the end of each month to see if I manage to stick to them or not. So, let's start with January...

The list was:

edit and submit bonus Benjamin Pepperwhistle scene: Done!
★ revise and submit Circus of the Damned novel: Not finished yet. It turned into a big structural revision and I'm working on the second act structure with the editor before completing the revision.
★ revise outline of PhD novel + write 1 chapter: Failed
★ finish translating 1 book: Failed
★ read at least 1 book for research: I read half, but it's still better than nothing... ;)
★ write 1 blog post: This one counts as half done. I wrote on this blog but not on my other one, so I'm not striking it.
apply for more jobs: Done! Almost secured an assignment for February/March.

Things accomplished that weren't on the list:
★ record video interview for Bitten by Books, which you can see HERE!
★ write two guest posts for blog tour

I should have considered that here in Italy the holidays continue until January 7th, and they are full of relatives and visits, so it was kind of hard to work good hours. There was also my birthday, as well as my aunt's and my grandma-in-law's and uncle-in-law's (do those words even exist? XD)... I need to be more realistic with my schedule.

The wordcount for January is 37'650, which is pretty good. Will have to work to keep it up in February because I usually alternate productive months and absolutely terrible ones... :)

So now, let's see the revised plan for February, trying to be less ambitious (since the month is also shorter):


★ finish revision on Circus of the Damned
★ finish reading book for research
★ write 1 chapter of PhD novel
★ write 1 blog post
★ finalize job and get started

See you in about a month to see how I did ;)!

febbraio 02, 2014

Readers' Appreciation Awards at the blog of Sid Love!


What a lovely surprise! I just discovered that the handsome devil Farfarello, from my book Devil at the Crossroads, has been nominated in the Best Antagonist / Villain category of the Readers' Appreciation Awards over at the blog of Sid Love. So excited - who knew that making dodgy deals chasing after the souls of wannabe bluesmen would make him so popular ;)...

Check out the other nominees and cast your vote at The Blog of Sid Love!