ottobre 08, 2014

On the road again

Hello, everyone!

So, I barely had the time to finish putting my life in order and enjoy the prospect of a relaxing future when everything went BOOM and I was left stunned looking around the wreckage trying to figure out which way was up. So I dove right back into the big wide world! I travelled to Wales and England to help a few friends with some difficult personal circumstances (and bask in their love while I was at it), visited Paris and spent a few weeks working in Spain. The biggest deal though is that in a week I will be flying to Tokyo, where I will spend two months teaching English and Italian.

I am determined to make the best of my circumstances, and I am sure that somewhere down the line I will reach the point where I'll see it was all a blessing in disguise and I'll be grateful for it. As I was in Spain, often I found that the nugget of hurt and negativity I carry around like a lead ball in my stomach was buried more and more, and I actually managed to forget about it for a bit every now and then. Being home is still complicated, so even though I'm a little scared, I'm also incredibly excited about Japan!

 I am lagging a bit behind with my writing schedule, I'm afraid, since writing about romance is very difficult right now. But The Circus of the Damned is about to come out - less than one month to go! - and ARC reviews are starting to roll in, and I'm very pleased with them! I don't want to leave my readers hanging too long waiting for the next instalment in Farfarello's mischievous adventures. I also have the pleasure of being the featured author of the month over at Riptide Publishing! There's a little interview if you'd like to check it out :)

 Tell us about your recent Riptide release[s]. What was the inspiration behind it/them? 

 When I wrote “Devil at the Crossroads,” the first story in the “Deal with a Devil” series, I wasn’t planning on turning it into a series. In fact, it was about a year before that came about! 

Inspiration for the upcoming novel, “The Circus of the Damned,” came slowly. I had been wanting to write a long story about a circus and its ensemble cast for a while, and Farfarello – the devil from the first book – was still on my mind. I had that niggling feeling that there was more to his story, that he still had a few things to do and reveal... and so I started toying with the idea of combining the two.  
The plot came to me very suddenly, as they usually do, and as always I am not quite sure where it came from. I was struggling with some changes in my personal life, some decisions I had to make for my future, and almost naturally those struggles influenced the journey of Gilbert Blake, the protagonist. He was an outsider, a wanderer, and I enjoyed exploring how he would learn to become part of a community – how he would learn to appreciate and love being part of a family. 

 Farfarello is an odd devil, a trickster of sorts, who looks for arrogant men and enjoys pushing them to grow and challenge themselves, hopefully learning a lesson or two in the process. He tends to become too involved for his own good, and in this book we begin to learn a bit more about his story and what pushes him to act the way he does. He’s conflicted, though, not nearly as detached and in control as a supernatural being should – and we will get to discover something more in the following book in the series, too. He’s the thread that connects all the stories together, and I hope readers will find him as intriguing as I do! 

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